Unique Photography workshops

Photographers of all skill levels can join the raptors of the Three

Eagle with the Three Rivers Avian Center

One of the Three Rivers Avian Center eagles

Rivers Avian Center for a unique shoot!

TRAC co-directors Ron and Wendy Perrone, along with professional photographer Steven Wayne Rotsch, will lead a Birds of Prey Photography Workshop on Oct. 10.

Amateur and professional photographers can capture images of West Virginia’s birds of prey in spectacular natural settings while learning technical shooting tips and basics of Adobe Photoshop in one-on-one sessions.

Capture 12 different birds of prey, including a bald eagle, American kestrel, owl, red-tailed hawk, broad-winged hawk and peregrine falcon.

Sign up for the full-day workshop. or either of the half-day morning or afternoon sessions. The full-day workshop includes lunch. 50% of the registration fees will directly benefit TRAC, helping rehabilitate injured wildlife and educate the public about environmental stewardship.

Sign up so you secure a seat in this unique skill-sharpening session!

After the workshop you can practice the skills and techniques at some stunning natural settings nearby:

  • Grandview- The main Grandview overlook is more than 1,400 feet above the New River Gorge canyon. Take in the aerial view, or explore the 5 hiking trails.
  • Pipestem Resort State Park– The dramatic mountains of Pipestem are home to a variety of indigenous plant and animal life
  • Bluestone State Park & Bluestone Lake- Snap photos of boats at the marina, morning on the lake and cascading waterfalls

For more tips and professional instruction, master landscape photographer Randall Sanger offers New River Gorge workshops throughout the fall.