Monroe County

Untouched Farm Country


Monroe County, West Virginia offers you a place to Get Real!

This rural, agricultural community has retained and enhanced many of the characteristics of previous times. It is still possible to have an authentic and memorable experience in this scenic country county!

Monroe County is where you’ll find:

Restored covered bridges, old grain and blacksmith mills, historic churches and cemeteries, and the remnants of historic mineral springs resort hotels. Step back in time!

Access to the Appalachian Trail and Allegheny Trails, George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, Moncove Lake State Park, and the Hanging Rock Observatory (where hawk and eagle counts take place every fall). All ages and stages of you who love the outdoors will be delighted!

Scenic By-Ways and Backways, The Rural Heritage Quilt Trail, and several Civil War Trail sites.
Country roads along with the quaint winding courses of Indian, Second, Rich, Cove, Potts, and Hans Creeks; the gently rolling plateaus of karst farmland; and the picturesque valleys, nestled along the lofty ridges of the Appalachian Mountains. Remember the road trip!

Here people greet each other, wave at strangers passing by in their cars, and enjoy a simpler lifestyle of safe communities with deep traditions and heritage.

Get Real! In a place called Monroe!