TWV & The Hatfields & McCoys

Hatfield & McCoy

The Hatfields & McCoys

Theatre West Virginia‘s single-show season is quickly winding down, there is only 4 shows remaining so you should try to catch the show!  July 30, 31 and August 1 & 2.

Budgetary problems almost made the more than 50-year-old outdoor theater troupe close the curtain this year, but the community pulled together to ensure the show went on. At least one show. And it was one of their most beloved, “That Hatfields & McCoys.”

The show was first performed in the 1970s, a historic drama that brought the story of a malicious family feud between WV’s Hatfields and Kentucky’s McCoys back to life.

As the tale goes, it all began with a stolen hog. Or with a withering love. Or tension that had been brewing years prior. Whatever the cause, the Hatfield and McCoy families began a wild game of one-upping, fueled by blind pride and vindictive spite, which spiraled into years of violence and death.

The vengeful fighting spilled into politics, the state lines became war zones, and the resentment boiled for decades.

The story is true, though the facts have been blurred into a colorful folklore over time. It’s been a hit drama on the History Channel, and even followed up on with a modern-day reality show.

But no one tells it like TWV, here at home in these same mountains where the battle began.

And in addition to seeing the amazing show, buying a ticket also supports this cultural gem. When the Board voted to close TWV at the beginning of the season, the community stepped in. Veterans returned to the cast, volunteers donated time, and everyone came together to restore this tradition.

Next year, we hope they will be able to return to a full season of performances, but for now, every person in the audience is a vote of confidence in their future. Beyond the ticket prices, what they’re really gathering now is support, and proof to future sponsors and donors that if the theater can return to its full glory, it can do so in triumph.

You can help them prove that TWV draws tourism, attracts a crowd and is worth keeping in our lineup of amazing SWV theaters and cultural organizations. The show runs through Aug. 2.