Summersville Lake

Welcome to Summersville Lake, the largest lake in West Virginia. This lake and the surrounding area are a recreational haven. Here you can swim, dive or test your skills at water sports. The rugged landscape and spectacular cliffs surrounding the lake are great for hiking and climbing. Some of the best whitewater in the world can be found in this area, and there is plenty of fascinating Civil War history.

  • The Boating & Swimming are only the Beginning.
  • This shop offers handcrafted pottery made for everyday use in modern kitchens that is striking enough to display in any home.

  • Summersville is the county seat of Nicholas County and offers some unique shopping and dining destinations. Stop into Kirkwood Winery for a tasting and tour the Isaiah Morgan Distillery, all on the same site.

  • Created by the Summersville Dam on the Gauley River, this lake has over 60 miles of shoreline. Its massive sandstone cliffs and amazingly clean water give the lake the name “The Little Bahamas of the East.” There are lots of great picnic and hiking spots around the lake. Rent boats and gear right on site at Sarge’s Dive Shop. Climb 122 steps to reach a 360 degree gallery deck offering unparalleled views of Summersville Lake and the Gauley River National Recreation Area at the lighthouse located at Summersville Lake Retreat.

  • Carnifex Ferry was the location of an important Civil War battle. On September 10, 1861, Union troops pushed the Confederates from their entrenched position on the Patterson Family Farm to the other side of the Gauley River. Confederate troops then failed to regain control of the Kanawha Valley and the move for West Virginia statehood continued without serious threat from the South. The state park has picnic shelters, a museum at the Patterson House, three overlooks of the Gauley River, a playground, and hiking trails.