Spring Preview

State Flower - Rhododendron

State Flower – Rhododendron

We’re at the beginning of the most exciting part of the year! 

Yeah, big claim. MOST exciting. Springtime means more than flowers.The season of rebirth of nature is also the kick-off to each year’s blossoming of adventure, events and more.

Think about it: the outdoors begins by beckoning people out with cool temperatures, which in turn brings events and excitement of all sorts.

Excited now? Well, while we linger in that agonizing time when winter is fleeting and spring has yet to quite completely spring, let’s look ahead to what excitement is in store once it’s in full bloom:


Where it all begins! The sun is shining cool and warm, the plants are flourishing into lush greens dotted with a palate of petals… beautiful!

Southern West Virginia’s small towns are tucked among rolling, pristine mountain range, so those gorgeous natural wonders are all around. Take a hike and explore the beauty of the state that’s known for its landscapes. 

For unique opportunity to pair up with nature’s most knowledgeable guides as you explore, head into the forests for the the New River Birding & Nature Festival. Tours and talks will be led by leaders in the field: authors, researchers and more.


Snow sports are fun, but warm weather opens up a whole new set of adventure opportunity in Southern WV, in the sky, land, and river.

Whitewater rafting season begins! Take on the waves with a paddle and a team of friends. Rock climbing, lake tours, skydiving, fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding… the recreation possibilities here stretch infinitely when the weather grows pleasant.

Festivals & gatherings 

More people out and about means more of them getting together!

Each spring, there are some Southern WV staple events: the Mountain Festival, Bramwell’s Spring Historic Homes Tour, 21st Annual Beckley Business Show,  and more. Basically, any reason to get together and celebrate. That includes a lot of great food and flavor, which all the more exciting: the Lewisburg Chocolate Festival, the Feast of the Ramson, the Daniel Vineyards Spring Wine Festival.

Check out our calendar; it’s packed!


Spring signals the start of the performance season for many WV theaters and troupes, like the Historic Fayette Theater, Theatre WV and the Greenbrier Valley Theatre. Enjoy classics from Disney, Dr. Seuss, and Mark Twain, alongside modern works of drama, comedy and music.

Alongside all of that will be Tamarack’s Appalachian Music & Art Festival, bringing out all the regalia to “The Best of West Virginia.”

What part of spring in Southern WV are you most looking forward to?