Snowboarding Can Be A Family Sport

Snowboarding has become a snow sporting phenomenon.  For every skateboarder you see in spring – there’s probably three times that many snowboarders now hitting the slopes.  But is snowboarding a sport only for risk taking teen boys?  Certainly not.  Statistics show that 25% of snowboarders are women and that the sport is now being taken up by families of all ages.

Just like any sport – we wouldn’t really recommend jumping on a board or having a friend teach

Snowboarding at Winterplace

you.  Your first bad experience can make you lack confidence for future attempts.  That’s why we’re lucky to have snowboarding lessons available here at Winterplace Ski Resort.

If you’re thinking groups of teenagers and then you, the 40-something, think again.  While Winterplace offers great group lessons – you can also take a private lesson where you add on just enough spots for your group or family.

Have some little ones that you’d like to learn?  These fearless ones have their own Skiwee Program – – ideal for children 4-11 to learn in their own environment.

Still not convinced?  If you were a skiing flunky like some of us – you might truly love snowboarding.  It’s easier on the knees and can be a little slower if you want it to be.  For some of us, that’s a godsend. And another great way to spend time with your kids.

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