What’s Your Choice of Lodging in the Gorge Area

Southern West Virginia has every type of lodging. From functional to elegant, and everything in between, you can find a place to stay that suits your needs (and your wallet). In fact, there are so many choices you may just have trouble making a decision.

We can help.  Here’s a rundown of some local options.

Cabin in the Country

Bed and Breakfast

There are many great B&B’s throughout the area, many with interesting history or cool surroundings. This type of lodging is perfect for folks who have a very outgoing personality and like to meet new people. The quaint nature and communal style of B&B’s isn’t for everyone, but if you’re up for the intimacy of this type of lodging, it can be a really special experience.

Remember, B&B’s are typically small.  They tend to work best for couples and small groups of travelers.


Cabin stays have become very popular in southern West Virginia, and the inventory here  has grown tremendously over the last decade.  Area cabin types vary from small rustic models that are just a step above camping, to luxurious rentals that may be nicer than home. There are both privately owned cabins and those that are part of resorts or other facilities.

Cabins can work well for everyone; from couples who like their privacy to large groups looking to stay together in the same, homey place. Some cabin businesses have models that can sleep up to 20 people.  Most cabins have great access to the hiking, biking and other area activities. If you want a vacation that feels like home away from home, then a cabin stay is for you.


Hotels have offered quick, easy, and convenient lodging here for decades. This area has plenty  hotels to choose from and most are located close to food and entertainment opportunities.

If you look at your vacation strictly as a getaway from everything normal (cooking, cleaning and the like), then a hotel stay will work really well for you.

And to really immerse yourself in the beauty of West Virginia, plan to camp!
Where do you like to stay when you visit southern West Virginia?

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