6 Places To Get Your Groove On In Southern WV

These here hills?  They’re alive with the sound of music.  Here are 6 sure-fire, can’t-miss spots for good ol’ live music.

Music In The Mountains
If you’re not doing anything June 24-27, or even if you are, you should go up to Summersville WV and take in one of the largest bluegrass festivals in the country.  Music In The Mountains is a proving ground for new bands, and a staple for old ones.  More than 45 Bluegrass bands are on the bill.

Chuck Mathena Center
Nationally touring acts are including this music mecca in Princeton West Virginia as one of their regular stops.  The hall is beautiful and new, but the halls are becoming well worn with famous names and good vibrations.  Steve Earle, Dr. Ralph Stanley, and top bluegrass bands all attend.  http://www.chuckmathenacenter.org/

Carnegie Hall
How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Head to Lewisburg, WV.  From Symphonies to slide guitar and everything in between, Carnegie Hall is the place in southern West Virginia for an eclectic mix of evening concerts.  Bonus:  the hall has tons of other performance programs, too.

The best of West Virginia can’t get much better.  For an afternoon treat, take off to the Tamarack in Beckley WV for their Sundays @ 2 series.  You’ll see a wide range of entertainers that explore the roots of music in the mountains, from where it’s going to where it’s been.  Free.  Awesome.

Leland Guitars
Looking for something a little less formal? Stop by Fayetteville West Virginia for this regular Tuesday night jam.  Everyone’s welcome, beginner to expert, old-timers to young sprouts.  The music runs the gamut and includes pretty much anything acoustic.  http://www.lelandguitars.com/

Appalachian String Band Festival
This is the be-all, end-all of old time music festivals.  Held every year at Camp Washington Carver in Clifftop, WV, thousands of musicians rosin up the bow, tune the strings, and play deep into the night.  There’s a main stage with some of the best fiddlers and clawhammer banjo players you’ll ever hear, but the main show is in the campground. This years Festival is July 29th through August 2nd.

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