Best Excuses to go to the Lewisburg Chocolate Fest

Looks pretty enough to eat! Photo by Harmony Ridge Gallery, Lewisburg

Looks good enough to eat! Photo by Harmony Ridge Gallery, Lewisburg

You know you want to. We’re just helping.

You should attend the Lewisburg Chocolate Festival on April 11th because:

1.  Calories don’t count on holidays

It’s not a “national” holiday (though it should be), but it sure is one here.

So, since calories don’t count on holidays (as everyone knows), this is an amazing, mystical opportunity to avoid breaking your diet while indulging in a mountain of chocolate. You really shouldn’t miss a chance like that.

2. It’s a culinary experience

Flavor snobs appreciate the savory AND the sweet! You are simply not the foodie you pretend to be on Instagram and at fancy restaurants unless you come and taste each and every treat at the festival.

We’ll even give you some descriptors to use: rich, creamy, earthy, decadent, dark, milky, light, fluffy, moist… mmm…

3. It supports local business

You do support local businesses. This is your chance to support 40+ all at once.

BONUS: it’s even cost effective! It’s only $1 per tasting ticket. And we all know a gourmet sample of chocolate from any of Lewisburg’s amazing chefs is worth way, way more than $1.

HELPFUL HINT: Buy your tickets in advance! There are a limited number sold and well everyone loves chocolate!

Invest in the local economy! Invest in the chocolate economy! Money talks, and yours says “Yum.”

4. Chocolate karma!

There’s a bake-off, so it’s your duty to break out your grandma’s fudge cake recipe:

  • #1 because grandma definitely deserves the credit
  • #2 because you know it tastes amazing, and you shouldn’t horde it all to yourself.

Share your family’s secret flavors at the bake-off, and you’ll be rewarded with 10 times the tastiness at the chocolate samplings! Ah, the sweet, blissful benefits of sharing!

5. You’ll regret it more if you don’t go

Do you really want to see everyone else’s tempting photos on social media all day if you don’t go? Because we’re all going to post them. A lot of them.

What’s your excuse?