Fall Photography Workshop

Twin Falls Photography Workshop

Twin Falls Photography Workshop

Our fiery fall landscapes and rolling mountains are the perfect setting for photographers to sharpen their skills.

Budding photographers can get further instruction, hands-on experience, and amazing portfolio pieces from Twin Falls State Park‘s fall photography workshop Sept. 12-14.

During the sessions, beginner and intermediate photographers can improve their technique under the direction of professional instructors Steve Shaluta and Steve Rotsch, both of whom are very familiar with capturing the mountain state’s scenery.

Shaluta spent 21 years as a photographer for the WV Division of Tourism,  he is also a freelance photographer and has published several West Virginia photography books.

Rotsch is a photographer for the WV Governor’s Communication Office, and is the owner of Positive Image Photography. He has also published several wildlife photography books.

During the workshop, they will help you master the basics of the craft, then take trips to various places around the park, both in and outdoors, to put it all into practice.

Over the weekend, you will learn:

  • Equipment- settings and best use of your digital camera.
  • Composition- how to frame a captivating shot
  • Natural light- using the available light to illuminate your setting
  • Action photography- freezing moments in motion
  • Digital imaging- touching up and formatting your work

And that’s just a sample of the topics that will be covered.

To register for the workshop or learn more about the packages available to stay at the resort by calling(304) 294-4000.

If you can’t make it to Twin Falls, Rotsch will also have a “Birds of Prey” photography workshop at the Three Rivers Avian Center on Oct. 11.