Do You Need A Reason To Visit WV? We Give You 8.

We know you probably don’t sit around trying to come up with reasons to take a vacation. However, you may be having trouble deciding where you want to go. So many choices!

Our Rivers and Mountains

Well, if you’re looking for reasons why you should come visit the Mountain State, look no further

Here’s why your next vacation should be spent here with us in southern West Virginia.

  • Location -West Virginia is a 10-hour drive or less from close to 2/3 of the US population. This means that we are pretty close to A LOT of people. It’s easy for you to get here.
  • Mountains – The Appalachian Mountains are some of the oldest in the world and they make up a big part of our state. Because of the mountains, we’ve got world-class hiking, climbing, rappelling, and skiing.
  • Rivers – Lots of great rivers run through West Virginia. Combine those rivers with the mountains and you’ve got wonderful rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and lots of fishing.
  • Seasons – We have four full seasons here in WV. Each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. You want to experience it all, right?
  • Forests – We have trees, and lots of them. Over 70% of our state is forested, making for some beautiful scenery and extreme adventure. You’ll also find lots of wildlife in the forests, including well over 200 bird species and many large mammals like deer and bear.
  • Activities and Adventure – There’s so much to do here in southern West Virginia, it’s truly impossible to list them all. Let’s just say this: if you want extreme adventure or a relaxing refuge, you’ll find them both here. And more.
  • HistoryWest Virginia history is unique and quite undiscovered by many. From how the state was formed and its role in the Civil War to the heritage and culture of the people that call it home, history lovers will walk away with a new appreciation and affinity for West Virginia.
  • People – We saved this item for last because we think the people of West Virginia are the absolute best thing about the state. Always kind and helpful, West Virginians will renew your faith that there still are genuine people in the world. You’ll understand once you meet a few.

There are plenty of reasons to come to WV. Just pick one (or several) and get here soon. We are waiting to see you.
Why do you visit West Virginia?