Certified Arts Towns: Lewisburg


Carnegie Hall, Lewisburg, WV

Southern West Virginia’s small town charm collies with its mountain creativity in Lewisburg, one of our region’s Certified Arts Communities.

A haven of heritage and modern arts, the town was awarded the ‘Certified Arts Town’ distinction from the WV Division of Culture and History, which only a handful of spots have received.


While it’s home to one of only 4 Carnegie Halls still in use today, that grand hall is not even the only performance space in this tiny town.

The Greenbrier Valley Theatre’s award-lauded cast of actors take the stage each season in addition to their plays a full schedule of music and a literary series. The Lewis Theatre, in operation for more than 70 years, still screens films daily to keep the stage alive when there aren’t performances, and lights up the stage with local talent each Friday.

Also rounding out the performance scene with musical focus is Casasanta, which features “jazz and other shenanigans.”

The Carnegie maintains a steady schedule of shows, including lunchtime and pay-as-you-can performances to share access to the arts with more people.


The Carnegie also serves as a gallery, with an expansive permanent collection and rotating exhibits. Workshops and classes in heritage arts, performance and music help cultivate the artistic values of the community.

All along the streets, the town’s creativity spills from every shop window. All the stops display their finest each “First Friday after Five,” when arts, food and live music fill downtown.

Where can you see displays just about any time? The Washington Street Gallery show off contemporary works and fine crafting.

The Harmony Ridge Gallery shop curates handcrafted works from locally and around the country, from jewelry and fashion accessories to kooky clocks and fine furniture. Have a coffee or glass of wine from their boutique bar while you browse.

Of course, you can always uncover old gems in the town’s many antique shops.

Have you explored Lewisburg’s arts scene?

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