A How-to Guide to Celebrating West Virginia Day

June 20 is a holiday in West Virginia. Really, it is! And for good reason.  On June 20, 1863,  West Virginia statehood became official.

West Virginia State Seal

So it’s fitting that each June 20 West Virginians everywhere walk a little taller and feel a little energized about what’s to come for our fine Mountain State. To love West Virginia is to celebrate it.  Here are some ways to show your love come Monday:

Jump on the  Hatfield McCoy Trail

Everyone who knows anything about WV has heard about the Hatfield and McCoy feud. But if you want to get a leg up on your neighbor, 2011 style, it’s better to hop aboard an ATV and take on the mountains.  The Hatfield McCoy Trail is the largest contiguous trail system in the United States.  From beginner to advanced, it will surely get your heart pumping (in a good way.)

Get the West Virginia Day Collectible Piece from Blenko

Blenko is the signature glass maker in the state and each year on West Virginia Day they offer a limited edition piece to celebrate.  Only 148 pieces are made, and this year’s design is a guitar shaped vase to celebrate our musical heritage. To grab one for yourself, stop in Blenko’s Visitors Center at Milton.

Learn all the Words to Country Roads

“I hear her voice, in the morning hour she calls me…” This is maybe where your recollection of John Denver’s popular song, Country Roads, falls off. On June 20, play this beloved tune at high volume and vow to give West Virginia your best by learning all the verses.

Eat a Pepperoni Roll

It’s a tailgating staple. A lunchbox treat. And was once found in miner lunch pails everywhere. True West Virginians know the pepperoni roll and love it. And we’ll definitely consume one (or two or six or seven) on June 20.

Jump down to Charleston

The  WV Cultural Center will have a fun list of activities for kids and adults on June 20, including a West Virginia birthday cake and an exhibit of the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame.  Little Jimmy Dickens, Kathy Mattea, and Brad Paisley are native West Virginians, and this exhibit will give you chance to learn more about them and West Virginia music heritage.

How are you celebrating?