Reasons You Should Ride An ATV In Southern West Virginia

Riding on ATV trails in southern West Virginia is the most fun you can have with a motor attached to you.  Here’s why…

Hatfield-McCoy Trails

Hatfield-McCoy Trails

1.  It’s flat-out awesome.
2.  Most of you have never done it before.
3.  It’s a good way to see the mountains.

4.  Riding is loud (in a good way).

5.  ATVs are new twist on family time.

6.  Your kids will love you forever.
7.  So will your spouse.
8.  People that don’t usually like sports love ATVs.
9.  The views.
10.  There’s a lot of wildlife when you’re not revving the engine
11.  Southern West Virginia has the largest connected trail system in the country.
12.  The whole place is very ATV friendly.
13.  Everything from easy to difficult is available.
14.  Over 700 miles of trails, which, in local terms, is a whole bunch.
15.  You can choose from the Burning Rock or Hatfield and McCoy trail systems.
16.  The permit system is simple, and can be done on arrival.
17.  All the trail are well marked, so it’s simple to know where you’re going.
18.  You don’t need a guide.
19.  You can get a guide.
20.  You can find mud, and mud = fun.
21.  All the equipment you need is available for rent.
22.  In most areas of Hatfield/McCoy, you can ride on the roads to get to trails.
23.  The hospitality is better than you’ll find almost anywhere (standard for southern West Virginia   )
24.  There are tons of campsites, cabins, and hotels to base your trip out of.
25.  It’s an adventure that anyone   -anyone-   can be part of.

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