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Relive the Gilded Age in Bramwell

Step back in time in Bramwell! This little town in Mercer County was home to more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in the United States, and today, you can stroll down the same brick-paved streets of Millionaire Row during the Spring Tour of Homes. History of Bramwell It’s no secret that the coal industry was booming in southern West Virginia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In the 1880s, the Pocahontas coalfields were discovered in Pocahontas, VA, only a short distance from Bramwell. Thousands of laborers moved to the area to work mining coal. In 1883, a civil engineer from New York named Joseph H. Bramwell arrived in what would become Bramwell seeking his fortune in the coal industry. He is responsible for naming the town, which was founded in 1888. As the years passed, millionaires from across the country moved to Bramwell to make their fortune in the coal industry. When they arrived, they built gigantic, beautiful homes, complete with ornate woodwork, elaborate stained glass, indoor swimming pools, large gardens and lavish ballrooms. More than 14 millionaires inhabited Bramwell at one time, including the “richest man in Bramwell,” I.T. Mann - he was worth over $86 million. The town was also home to the Bank of Bramwell, supposedly one of the richest banks in America. The town’s original pharmacy is still standing and was one of the first stores to sell Chanel No. 5. Today, instead of selling expensive perfume and other luxury items, the pharmacy has been turned into a cafe called The Corner Shop; the original soda fountain is still operational! The Bramwell Train Depot is now home to a museum, featuring exhibits on coal mining and the history of the town. Bramwell was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. Spring Tour of Homes The coal boom in Bramwell may be over, but the mansions that line Main Street serve as a reminder that this little town used to be one of the richest in America. On June 9, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the Victorian mansions and learn more about the people who built them. On this self-guided walking tour, you’ll get the rare chance to step inside these elaborate homes, where costumed interpreters await to bring the Victorian Era to life with compelling stories. Tickets for the Spring Tour of Homes are $15 and may be purchased in advance or at the Bramwell Presbyterian Church. This is one of two yearly opportunities to tour the homes of historic Bramwell. The homes will open again for the holiday season on December 8, 2018. Have you been to Bramwell? Which elaborate mansion is your favorite?

Story By Carla – Bramwell Corner Shop

Name: Carla Saunders Message: We went to the Corner Shop two years ago in Bramwell! So fun to experience sitting at an ole timey soda fountain!

Bramwell, WV

Bramwell, WV History

It's nearly one of only two times per year that Millionaire Row opens to the public to showcase the glamorous history of Bramwell, WV. The mansions towering above Main Street Bramwell are a reminder that the barons of the coal boom once made this little town the richest around, with more millionaires located in one spot (and almost all cluttered on the same street) than anywhere else in the United States. Characters from the boom area are brought back to life by costumed interpreters, who lead visitors through the ornate homes, setting the scene for their compelling tales of Bramwell's heyday. Their wealth came from 40 moles of Pocahontas coal fields, which employed 100,00 miners at its peak in the 70s. Some of the trains that managed the traffic and coal transport are still on display at the depot-turned museum. Their immense wealth poured into Bramwell. Trace the footsteps of these early entrepreneurs, through elegant ballrooms, past sun-streamed stained glass, and across wide, ornate verandas. Some of the uniqueness of the homes is apparent at first glance. The orange British brick of the Cooper House, for instance, highlights the tint of its complete copper roof. Inside, you'll also find a full swimming pool. The interpreters will take you beyond what you see, and tell you about the prominent families of the time, and how they used the homes. For example, one massive house was actually built in addition to a family home just as a playhouse for the children. Another home, now a B&B noted for its spiral staircase, once also served as a kindergarten. One home you may spot immediately entering town is the Thomas home, which sits atop a smoothly steep-sloping hillside above the other homes. Its English Tudor design is typical of many of the luxurious dwellings, but its intricate landscape and detail inside sets it apart. And it's not only the homes you can explore.  The Historic Bank of Bramwell is another preserved piece of history, the richest bank for its size in America during the 20th century. The spring tour is the first Saturday in June. Tickets are only $15 - tours begin at 5pm, meet at the Bank of Bramwell. The homes also open during an annual Christmas tour on the second Saturday of December. MORE TO DO AFTER THE TOUR: The Bramwell Depot Coal Heritage Trail Interpretive Center: once a bustling station, this rail stop is now a testament to the transportation center it once was. The Corner Shop Cafe - The still-working antique soda fountain is the cornerstone of The Corner Shop, serving up Appalachian diner-style dishes. You can also browse the quirky stock of old-fashioned gifts Bramwell shops- Among the businesses on Main Street are antique shops full of treasures of all sorts, with other trinkets wait to be discovered among the gift shop shelves. Pocahontas Exhibition Coal Mine- Head underground to tour an actual mine site, then explore the Coal Heritage Museum Pinnacle Rock State Park- Climb this unusual sandstone formation up 3,00 feet to the scenic overlook at the top Which historic site around Bramwell is your favorite?  

Bramwell and Bluefield: History and The Arts

This journey will take you from an old railroad city to a small town rich with coal baron history. Bluefield, WV is a growing art community with unique galleries taking up more and more of the city blocks. Bramwell, WV is known for once being home to more millionaires per capita then anywhere in the United States. The millionaires of Bramwell were coal barons and we invite you to come, pick up a walking tour brochure (at the depot) and spend the day viewing the well-maintained historic buildings. Twice a year in June and December these buildings are opened for a guided Tour of Homes. To learn about coal and how these ‘barons’ earned their riches a stop at the Pocahontas Coal Mine is in order.    

Bramwell Main Street Eatery and Catering

Bramwell Cafe

Bramwell Depot – Coal Heritage Trail Interpretive Center

Bramwell Depot - Coal Heritage Trail Interpretive Center

Bramwell Theatre Festival

Bramwell Theatre Festival

Historic Bramwell

Historic Bramwell

The Corner Shop & Bramwell Soda Fountain

The Corner Shop & Soda Fountain