It’s April! Let the Spring Festivals Begin

The snow’s melting away and clearing a path for the crowds to converge for outdoor festivals. April kicks off the festival season with a barrage of gatherings around the area.

April 13, 2013

Lewisburg Chocolate Festival

Lewisburg Chocolate Festival


If it’s great for you in moderation (and it is), then one day of the year

to go all-out with your choco-holicism is a blessing, really. When your sweet tooth kicks in, which type of cocoa confection do you unwrap? Narrow down your favorites at the Lewisburg Chocolate Festival.

Delve into deliciousness with more chocolate than you’ve ever seen, from dark and decadent to the soft and sweet. Ladies, this is the perfect gals’ weekend event. Not only is there a Tasting Extravaganza of state and national favorites, it’s also set in downtown Lewisburg, 2011’s Coolest Small Town in America.

April 19-21, 2013


Wildflower Weekend - New River Gorge National River

Wildflower Weekend – New River Gorge National River

The beauty of our state’s sweeping mountain-scapes reaches its peak

when the green gives way to the bursting colors of springtime. Celebrate theblooming of the outdoor’s natural decor with the New River Gorge Wildflower Weekend.

Not only can you take guided hikes to the Gorge’s best tucked-away scenes, you can also learn more about the diverse wildflowers that pop up in the Gorge. Kids can create their own crafty homage to the florals for you to take home, and a wildflower scavenger hunt will send the whole family on the prowl through the forests and riverbed.

April 20, 2013


A more quirky treat of Appalachia, the ramp is a wild onion with a strong flavor and stronger scent. Richwood has kept this rural tradition alive for 75 years. The ushering in spring with a nod to the pungent veggie, long held as a dietary staple and a healing superfood in the region.
Hold your nose and give the tasty little onion a try, sampling from recipes that cook up bags and bags of them at the The Feast of the Ramson. The event is more than just a community meal; it’s a cultural celebration complete with an arts and crafts show, recipe contest and live entertainment.

April 29-May 4, 2013


Glimpse upward on your trip through Southern WV, and you’re likely to catch at least one of more than 100 types of bird gliding through the skies, including rare and endangered species. Trek out to spot many of these at the New River Birding Festival.

Trained guides will take eager birders out on trips to diverse habitats in the area to help find the feathered fliers, sharing secrets to spotting them as well as fun facts about each. All nature lovers can enjoy the calm nature of the festival. Talk to top birding experts about the chase, or share your stories with fellow wanderers.

Which festival are you heading to this spring?