Why Southern WV is the Best Place For Your Family Reunion

Families, no matter where they are from, are diverse. There are older members, younger members, wild members, calm members, go-getters, and slow-movers.  It is this diversity that makes families fun and unique.

But diversity can also present a challenge when trying to organize a family get-together. All kinds of

Family Time in WV

people can make it hard to find activities to satisfy everyone.

So when it comes to things to do, Southern WV is hard to beat. Whether you’re into high-adventure sports or relaxing leisure activities, this area provides great opportunities for all.
Let’s look at how the diversity of this area makes it a great place for a family reunion.

Getting The Family Together

Depending on the size and make-up of your group, getting everyone together can often be tough. Southern West Virginia has many large campgrounds and cabin rentals.  If some of the family likes to camp and others don’t, many of the cabins are extremely close to campgrounds. There  are also many hotels in the area.

Some of the adventure resorts in the area even have both campgrounds and cabins located on their property. Keeping the group together and everyone comfortable is an easy task if you let the resort professionals help you through the process.

Keep The Family Entertained

Even if Aunt Barb thinks everyone in the family would love a group outing to look at the world’s biggest rubberband ball, chances are you’re never going to get everyone in a large group to do everything together.  So having a plethora of things to do makes it much easier to keep everyone entertained. Here’s a list of just some of the activities families can do (together or on their own) in southern West Virginia.

* Rafting
* Hiking
* Mountain Biking
* Rock Climbing
* Fishing
* ATV riding
* Zip lining
* Swimming
* Boating
* Horseback Riding
* Caving
* Paintball
* Golf
* Antiquing

(And no, the world’s largest rubberband ball is not here in southern WV.  But we do have the longest steel arch bridge in the western hemisphere.)

Look To Resorts for Convenience

One of the best options to consider is a package that includes lodging, activities, and meals.  Many area resorts are now packaging all of these options together to make planning easy.  Some even provide discounts depending on group numbers and length of stay.

So when you start planning your family reunion, remember southern West Virginia. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

When was your last WV reunion?

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