Rafting, Rhododendrons and Recreation Spring Hits Southern West Virginia

Ah, spring!  Little green buds, wildflowers, the great outdoors… is there anything better?

Well, the answer to that question depends on… where you spend your spring.  We’re biased, of course, but how can we not be?  Spring is pretty dramatic here in the mountains.  If you choose to spend time here, you’ll find out that the changing seasons reveal some great secrets.

Secrets Of Springtime

Here’s one:  Did you know that when trees turn green in the spring, they do it according to elevation?  Lowest goes first, then up and up.  It makes sense, when you think about it.  Spend time here in the spring, and you’ll see blooms and buds advance up the sides of the valleys right in front of you.  Green below, brown on top.  Seriously- it happens overnight; you can tell a difference if you plan your stay at the right time.  It’s dramatic.  It’s alive.

Time To Hit The River

Another secret: rafting in West Virginia starts each spring.  Spring is high water time here on the New and Gauley Rivers.  The rapids are big and the water is chilly. It’s like a wake-you-up-better-than-coffee kind of brisk.  It might be too big or to cold for a traditional family trip, but high adventure rafting is just about perfect here in the spring.  If you want to take one of the greatest white water rafting trips you can get take, look at coming in the springtime months.

Blooms Everywhere

Southern West Virginia, for anyone looking for it on a map, is just about smack dab in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains.  It’s one of the most diverse ecosystems you’ll find anywhere on earth.  Spring flowers start with forsythia and daffodils, redbud and paulownia.  When you see the yellow, red, and purple, get ready – things are beginning to pop.  By the time the rhododendron’s bright pink and the dogwood’s delicate white flowers arrive, spring has sprung.  In all nine counties that make up southern West Virginia, you’ll find some of the brightest blooms anywhere, and it happens every spring.

Recreation? Check…

Do you enjoy taking a fishing trip?  It’s a pretty popular sport in our part of the state.  Spring is an exciting time as the fish get active, especially trout.  The water temperatures start to rise in the creeks, rivers, and lakes, and the fish get moving.  Warm days start to get more and more productive as trout stir.  If you like to use bait, try stretching out worms on gang hooks.  You’ll present more naturally to the trout, and your bite rate will start to climb.  Some of the best places to fish (and for recreation in general), are the southern West Virginia State Parks and Forests.  

Southern West Virginia is a great place.  If you’ve never been, spring is a perfect time to come take a look.  Give us a call or order your official visitors guide online – we’d love to help you plan your stay!

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