We Are Thankful in Southern WV

As Thanksgiving nears, we’re reflecting on the wonderful things Southern West Virginians share to be thankful for.

Southern WV is a beautiful, culturally-tied and unique region of this Appalachian Mountain State. Here are just a few of the things we’re most proud of, and honored to live among:

A lively history of independence

New River Gorge

New River Gorge

Born from conflict, the State of West Virginia earned its independence when it split from its sister state in the Civil War. But even before that, our mountain ranges and rough terrain made travel difficult, and we were more isolated than a lot of the country. That instilled a deep sense of self-reliance. When you have to do it yourself, you create new ways to do it better, which creates a culture of ingenuity.

Strong sense of community

Southern West Virginians might be independent, but we watch out for others, too. We value more than family; we value people and humanity. Southern WV raises kind, generous folks. If you need a hand with a home project, your car broke down, or you just want a friendly ear, chances are you can find it tucked into any town or hollow in Southern WV.
Mom and Pop Shops

There’s nothing like a home cooked meal from a local restaurant, or supporting an entrepreneur from just down the road. More than 90% of businesses in West Virginia are small businesses, and we love to support our neighbors’ ventures.

From the culinary creations of Delfino’s Pizza and Ice Cream and The Corner Shop Soda Fountain to the quaint shops like Grandma’s House and Marathon Bicycle Company, nearly every town corner rounds to a family-owned or small business. And we’ve already got our shopping lists together for Small Business Saturday.

Lush, rolling wilderness



One of the greatest assets of the Mountain State is its landscape. We have a backyard of rolling mountains, rushing rivers, steep cliff-sides and lush forests perfect for any outdoor adventure. From the summertime rafting to the winter ski slopes, the West Virginia wilderness is always calling us to play.

Heritage ties and charming culture

Our heritage is a complex, formed from a diverse history and generations of passing on, molding and preserving Appalachia’s roots. The family’s cozy hand-sewn quilts. The way grandpa used to say “Oh, fiddle!” when he was frustrated. Mom’s hand-molded pie crusts. Buying home-canned samples of the season’s harvest.

We do appreciate and celebrate the old fashioned, while embracing the modern. Making room for change has never made us question or forget our past. In Southern West Virginia, you can feel like you stepped back to a simpler time, but also enjoy the cutting-edge comforts and conveniences.

Easy living and the little things

Babcock State Park - Glade Creek Gristmill

Babcock State Park – Glade Creek Gristmill

Porch sitting as a pastime in Southern West Virginia, because we learn the value of some quiet time… and a relaxing rocking chair. We say “thank you” as a habit, because it’s important to acknowledge what you have, what you receive, and what others do for you.

Thanksgiving is a day to honor a tradition we observe year round: appreciating things. Even the tiniest of life’s pleasures can make a day worthwhile, and we learn to stop and take notice.

We’re thankful for a lot more. Give us a visit and you’ll see why. Enjoy our unique old-timey heritage, our forest wilderness and our kind hospitality. Part of that hospitable nature is sharing!

What are you thankful for?

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