3 Ways To Experience The Legend Of The Hatfields and McCoys

A lot of people have gotten all of their information about the Hatfields and McCoys from old Warner Brothers cartoons.  The truth is that there’s some great history and heritage that exists among the folktales.

The best way to find out about it,  of course,  is to come visit the country that the feud took place.   And that would be southern West Virginia.

There are little towns and hollows all through the region that make up the setting for the stories.  Here are 3 ways to find out about it during your visit:

The Hatfield And McCoy Trail System
If you really want to get out and spend some time in the feud’s mountain roots, you need to go on an ATV tour.  A lot of the back roads and trails criss-cross through the southern West Virginia mountains.   In the last ten years or so, those trails have turned into the largest contiguous ATV trail system in America.

Hatfields And McCoys  The Outdoor Drama
Many people would think that a feud between two families wouldn’t make for good theatre. Those people would be wrong (Romeo and Juliet, anyone?).  Especially when it comes to the Hatfields and the McCoys.  The group over at Theatre West Virginia have been performing the show for nearly 40 years.  Almost as impressive as the show itself is the venue:  The outdoor amphitheatre at Grandview  sits atop one of the best overlooks in the New River Gorge National River Area.

Drive Around On The Coal Heritage Highway
There’s a road that curls its way deep within the mountainous folds of southern West Virginia.  Actually, there are several – we’ve got no shortage of windy roads in our part of the world.  But one in particular ties itself with the coal history of the region, and also with the Hatfield and McCoy story.  The Coal Heritage Highway is more than just getting from point a to b.  The road follows the history of the miners themselves, and the families that were tied to the region.  Several of the towns on the coalfield highway have lots of stories to tell of the feud.