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There’s nothing like biting winter chill to make you appreciate a hot meal. In Southern West Virginia, every town has its staple cold-weather favorites, down-home, just-out-of-the-oven dishes that just make you melt on an icy day. Here are a few of the favorite warm-up eats to try in Southern WV on a cold day: Southwest… View Article

White Bean Chicken Chili -  Cathedral Cafe

We’ve got another restaurant recommendation for you on your next visit to southern West Virginia. Diogi’s Mexican Grill in Fayetteville is a must-try in these parts. Although the word Diogi is not Spanish, the food there is a blend of Mexican, Latin and El Salvadorian cuisine. Curious about the name? It’s what you hear when… View Article

Carnitas w/ Salvadorian-Style Guacamole

The last time we talked about Raleigh County, we looked at some great places locals like to visit.  Here are a few more: To See This list highlights some of the other areas of Raleigh County that you should check out. Exhibition Coal Mine– This is an actual old working underground coal mine in the… View Article

Stained Glass Window adorn Cathedral Cafe

Today we take a look at another Fayetteville favorite, the Cathedral Cafe. The Cathedral Cafe probably has some of the coolest décor of any restaurant in the area.  Or maybe ‘divine’ is a better way to describe Cathedral.  Housed in the old M.E Church in downtown Fayetteville, it feels like a library and a sanctuary… View Article

The locals always know the best ‘hang-out’ spots. Whether it’s a neat place to hike or an out-of-the-way place to eat, locals know where to find the little hidden gems where they live. This week we will look at some local favorites in Raleigh County. Things to Do Raleigh County is full of businesses and… View Article

Little Beaver Lake @ Little Beaver State Park
Pie from Pies and Pints

Anytime you visit a new place, there’s one question you should ask: “Where do the locals go?” Whether it’s hiking, biking, shopping, or relaxing, locals are the key to finding those sometimes overlooked or unknown places in your vacation destination. At no time are locals more helpful than when trying to decide where to dine…. View Article

January marks the chance to sport a new calendar on the wall and start filling in some fun weekend events among all your other work and family commitments. As you turn the page into January, February, and March, why not add in some fun events alongside noting Grandma’s Birthday and your next work trip?  While… View Article

Tamarack Artisan Center
Family Visiting an Overlook in the New River Gorge

Okay, full disclosure: we want you to come to southern West Virginia.  Guess the secret’s out! But here are some tips you can use to plan a family vacation to anywhere.  Even somewhere that’s, say, not the most beautiful mountains on earth (ahem!).  These little shortcuts can save you money while you’re away from home. … View Article

Sight-seeing in the New River Gorge

Fayette County, West Virginia has a secret.  It’s one of the world’s oldest places.  And that’s mainly due to the New River Gorge. How do we know?  Read on… Back before it was called Fayette County, about 500 million years ago, the New River Gorge drained the entire Appalachian Mountain Range, a lot like an… View Article