How to Ski: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Christmas is here  and that means winter should be getting into full swing soon. That also means that ski season is, or very shortly will be, wide open at the resorts in WV.  There are plenty of different opportunities for taking to the slopes, but if you are a beginner and decide you want to go, there are a few things you may want to know.

Snowboarding at Winterplace

Before You Go

Before you just jump up and head to a local resort, there are a few things you should probably think about.

* Research– Taking a few minutes to do a bit of studying on what different resorts offer and looking for packages, deals or discounts can help you start the process.
* Resort– Different resorts offer more beginner terrain, cheaper rates, and may be located closer you.
* Timing– Certain weekends are busier than others, and if you’re a first timer the last thing you want to do is go when it’s super busy. If you can do a week day trip you might enjoy your first trip more.
* Weather– Paying attention to what the weather can be critical. Knowing how cold or how snowy it’s going to be is important to your preparations.

On The Slopes

The mountain is where the fun really begins. Figuring out the equipment, mapping out the resort, and getting a few tips are all things that you will want to do prior to attempting to go down a slope. Here are the basics:

* Equipment – Make sure your boots and skis feel right, you know how to operate them, and they were properly adjusted for you. Don’t just borrow skis from a friend and take off. Proper settings for your weight and skiing level can save you from severe injury.
* Terrain – Find the slopes that are designed for beginners. At first, you’ll want to stick to green trails.  Going into areas that you aren’t ready for can be dangerous.
* Technique – Learning how to move on skis (which usually isn’t hard due to gravity) and how to stop are the first things you’ll deal with. Everything else will come as you get comfortable.
* Determination – Some people are natural skiers and some people need more time to catch on. Don’t give up; it will get easier.

There are some techniques like the wedge or “snowplow” that you’ll want to learn; a ski lesson is the ideal way to get started. Some resorts even have beginner specials that include tickets, rentals and lessons for a very discounted price.

No matter where you go and how you decide to do it, just remember to have fun, be careful and don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. Skiing is a great way to enjoy winter and West Virginia is just the place to get outside.

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