“Homes” For The Holidays: Bramwell Opens Its Doors to Share Charm & History

Break out your calendar! You’ve got an event to pen in: the Bramwell Holiday Homes Tour, the second Saturday in December. If you aren’t already privy to this annual holiday highlight, here are 5 reasons you’d be crumbling your own cookies if you miss it:

Bramwell Home Tours

Astoundingly rich history. Riches in the millions, in fact.

Bramwell’s home tour isn’t your usual 20th century show-about. The homes aren’t revered simply for their period architecture; they are glamorous displays of the prosperous coal barons that congregated in what was once the richest town in the entire country.

Bramwell was the (and we mean THE) center of business at of the beginning of the coal boom in the late 1800’s, and it prevailed through the early 1900s, with more than 100,000 miners employed in the nearby coalfields. The elaborately detailed buildings that sprung up were a symbol of an epicenter of wealth and power. They reflect the Appalachian prestige and pride that still persists in this quaint town.

Ornate architecture, plus a breathtaking mountainous backdrop

The natural beauty of the Mountain State and the carefully crafted trappings of the man-made landmarks collide, together creating a stunning visual display. From the Thomas House, built upon a hill overlooking the town, you can peer out over the entire scene. The tour will grant you an exclusive peek into the immaculate interior of the homes, which portray the privileged Appalachian lifestyle with leather-lined studies, immense conservatories and ballrooms, and vibrant stained-glass windows. For a special treat, ask what the Bramwell-coined term “Architechtionary” means.

Bramwell will be pulsing with holiday jubilation and cheer

Ever wanted to feel like you’re in a snow globe? Whether the flakes are shaking down or its still and calm, Bramwell will be lit up like a holiday wonderland. The town pulls out every bulb, candle and wreath they can find. Even the homes not on the tour add their own decorative touch. It will put Dr. Seuss to shame, outshining even a Whoville holiday display.

They’re welcoming you with open arms and enthusiasm

The Shops of Bramwell

The old-fashioned values of West Virginian culture nurture the importance of family and fellow man. Bramwellians embody this good will as a way of life, treating its guests as family. If the setting doesn’t shake awake the holiday spirit in you, the costumed tour guides and glee-fueled townsfolk surely will. With tons of volunteers all working to create a magical experience, not a single bah-humbug will escape into town. It will be muffled by warmth, cheer and triumphant carols.

They’re also welcoming you with cookies and music

Nothing defines Christmas like selfless giving, and this whole event is just a thoughtful gift from the entire Bramwell community. It’s wrapped in regalia instead of ribbon, but it’s a present all the same. The hosts and hostesses will fill their homes with the aromas of fresh-baked goodies, and draw you inside with the resounding notes of soulfully strummed entertainment. All of this, just as a generous gesture to share their history and kindness with you.

There are more reasons you’ll want to join us in Bramwell for the tour, but we won’t give away all of the secrets. Get your pens to scribbling in the date and get your ticket info here.

What are you most looking forward to at the historic homes tour?

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