It’s Gauley Season!

Today is the beginning of Gauley Season. Yes, it is a season.

Gauley River Rafting

What is it? Twenty-two days of simply spectacular whitewater that is the stuff of dreams for many of the h20-addicted. While the Gauley River can be paddled year-round, it is this magical fall season that so many look forward to.

Every fall, beginning the first Saturday after Labor Day, the Army Corp of Engineers begins the annual draw-down of Summersville Lake. More than 2500 Cubic Feet of Water is released per second into the narrow, rocky Gauley River bed.

The result? Big, awesome whitewater.

The Gauley River in West Virginia

  • The river is divided into two distinct sections
  • The whitewater section of the river stretches more than 27 miles dropping more than 800 feet
  • You will find over 100 rapids, more than 50 of them are rated Class III and higher, including 5 which are considered Class V+
  • Often cited as one of the top 10 commercial rafting trips in the world

What You May Know
If you know of the Gauley River, odds are you have learned of it through stories about the world-famous stretch known as the Upper Gauley.

It is the place of legend. Plenty of whitewater, and plenty of tall-tales to go with it. Big, long rapids like Pillow Rock, and Lost Paddle along with steep rapids like Sweet’s Falls provide endless opportunity for highlight (ahem, carnage) video.

Yes, it is big. Yes, it is bad (the good kind). Yes, where there is an Upper, there is also a Lower.

What You Might Not Know
The Lower Gauley too, is an incredible stretch of whitewater. The Lower ‘G’ offers a fantastic trip for families with tweens and for groups of first-time rafters. Simply put, you don’t have to be a gonzo adrenaline-junkie to enjoy the Gauley River.

Gauley Season 2010

The Lower Gauley is filled with moderate rapids, big roller-coaster type waves, and some of the best scenery on the entire river. Passing through Canyon Doors is worth the price of admission. We promise.

Gauley season lasts only 6 weeks each year, 22 days in all, consisting of 5 weeks of 4 day release and then a Saturday, Sunday release to finish. Once again, the final Saturday of Gauley Season coincides with Bridge Day, providing an opportunity for a one-of-a-kind weekend filled with fun.

Have you rafted the Gauley?

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