Taking the Bah Humbug Out of the Holidays

Taking the Bah Humbug Out of the Holidays

With the hustle and bustle of shopping, decorating, and planning, let’s face it, it’s tough to slow down and enjoy the holidays. So before the holidays pass you by, consider these three ways to find your holiday spirit again, here in Southern WV:

1) Enjoy the lights
Many childhood memories of piling in the car with hot chocolate to drive through the neighborhood looking at the lights. But as families got busier- the lights got dimmer or nonexistent. So why not visit one of the area light displays and “ooo and awww” like a kid again.

2) Step back in time
If you have fond memories of strolling through tree-lined streets, peering in shop windows while carols filled the air – then visit any one of our quaint towns and recreate those memories. Have a favorite memory? Share it with us on Facebook.

3) Capture a feel good moment
While it’s easy to remember Scrooge in a Christmas Carol, it’s the ending of the story that we should remember most – kindness to one and all. If you’ve lost your giving mojo why not capture it again with a live holiday performance at Greenbrier Valley Theatre?

What activity or event keeps you in the holiday spirit?

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