Bridge Day by the Numbers

Measuring approximately 3,030-feet long and 73-feet wide, the New River Gorge Bridge is a sizable structure. It’s only fitting that it’s home to Bridge Day, West Virginia’s largest one-day festival. 

The first Bridge Day was held on November 8, 1980. During the inaugural event, two people parachuted from a plane onto the bridge, and 5,500 people walked across it. This year’s festival, scheduled for Saturday, October 19, will be the 40th anniversary.  

Read on to find out some significant numbers related to Bridge Day. 

  • 80,000

That’s the average number of spectators that attend Bridge Day each year. Some years, it’s been closer to 100,000. When we say a lot of people come to the festival, we mean it!

  • 876 

This is the height of the bridge (in feet). In other words, it’s how high BASE jumpers and rappellers descend into the gorge, and how high you’ll be when walking across to watch all the action. 

  • 700 

The approximate number of BASE jumps that take place over the six hours that the bridge is closed to traffic. Fun fact: in 2017, 348 jumpers from 33 states participated in Bridge Day.

  • 300 

How many people typically rappel from the catwalk of the bridge during Bridge Day. Rappellers are divided into teams, and for this year’s Bridge Day, there is going to be the first all-female rappel team.

  • 200

The number of vendors that set up during Bridge Day, which includes everyone from concessions and crafters to CVBs and nonprofit organizations.