Fall Zip Line Racing in Southern West Virginia

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay….My, oh my, it was a beautiful day to play in Southern West Virginia.

Last week, Maura and I visited Burning Rock ATV Trails & Adventure Park to ride their dual-racing zipline and help out with some filming for a spot on Ohio’s ONN. A beautiful morning, slight breeze, a hint of color in the leaves and we were about to get our adrenaline fix.

Becky and Maura Ready to Zip

This is work? Seriously?

Getting Ready

Once registered, we were ready for our harness-fitting and orientation. While I have done a zip line before, the orientation was good information as it was clearly explained what to expect. After going over safety procedures and learning to “starfish”, we grabbed a seat on the flat-bed trailer, being pulled by a giant tractor, en route to the launch deck. Think of it like an off-road hayride aboard a “West Virginia limousine”. We felt like VIP’s!

This is a dual-racing zip line, so 2 people can go at a time, one on the “red” line and the other on the “blue” line. I really can’t offer many tips for winning the race, aside from leaning back and screaming. A lot.

Here We Go!
After being secured to the “trolley” by our guides, we walked a few steps down the ramp and prepared to zip.

Our guides radioed to the landing tower, preparing for launch.

“You have clearance Clarence!”

3, 2, 1. Release and we’re zipping up to 60 mph. Ever wanted to fly? Like, really fly? This is about as close as you can get without sprouting wings.

Take advantage of the views while you are soaring through the sky. Lean back and look to your left and right, there are beautiful views of the valley and this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the fall foliage in Southern WV. It’s like speed-reading for leaf peepers. From launch to landing is about a half a mile and a minute long.

After soaring through the tunnel of trees, we were instructed to watch for our landing guide. In some cases, they will wave a flag to let you know you need to whoa it up a bit. Cue the “starfish”. We don’t really know who made the name up, but as silly as it sounds (and looks), it works. Simply open your arms and legs to increase wind resistance, slowing you slightly before reaching the brake block. If you don’t see the flag, no need to starfish, just keep on truckin’.

Once you are at the end, it’s time to whoop it up a bit, maybe talk a little trash to your race partner, and catch your breath.

Going For More

It was so much fun, we had to take the “limo service” back to the top of the hill and ride again! The second zip was just as exhilarating and we knew exactly what to expect.

The adrenaline rush lasted all day for us. A smile plastered on our faces from enjoying an awesome ride with beautiful scenery. Hopefully we didn’t have any bugs in our teeth!

Have you been zip lining in West Virginia?

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