WV Pepperoni Rolls

That’s the absolute, #1 most delicious American dish? According to half a million people, West Virginia bakes up the best food you can find in the USA. . . Each state has its own specialty, and West Virginia’s is the pepperoni roll.


West Virginia Pepperoni Roll

Never heard of it? You aren’t alone. It’s a treat that basically doesn’t exist too far outside of WV. Here, we can grab them from nearly any gas station in the state as a snack, but once we cross state lines, our cravings become harder to satisfy.

So what is this pepperoni roll? It’s a fairly simple concept— a soft dinner roll, stuffed with pepperoni and cheese.

So simple, but so tasty. That’s what fueled the invention of the snack: they began as a lunch for coal miners, because they don’t need to be refrigerated. Influenced by Italian immigrants, the miners finally had a simple, but still deeply delicious dish to take into the mines.

We’re not sure why the pepperoni roll isn’t a nationwide staple. They’re the most convenient foods for travel and camping, tailgating or really anytime you’re on the go. It’s easy to grab and pack, and will keep for several days unrefrigerated.  And, it tastes way better than granola bars or other camping meals.

But while it is a convenient snack at room temperature, the  flavor of a warm, fresh-baked pepperoni roll is even more delectable.

When they’re hot, the oils of the pepperoni melt into the bread, spreading the flavor. And the cheese heats into a gooey glob inside the warm, soft roll.

Hot or cold aren’t your only flavor options for a pepperoni roll. The simplicity of the dish makes it all the more versatile. You can personalize a pepperoni roll in so many ways— sweet breads, spicy peppers, different cheese blends, kicks of garlic and other spices.

So instead of just grabbing a simple gas station roll, try a restaurant’s version. (Or sample both and compare!)

Here are a few places in Southern WV you can try a warm and tasty pepperoni roll:

  • Kitchen Creek Bakery in Gap Mills, WV: Try a pepperoni roll in homemade bread, and if you like it, you can buy fresh bags to take home.
  • Wild Flour Bakery in Fayetteville, WV: In addition to their regular pepperoni rolls, you can try their honey wheat version of the treat.
  • The Bakery or the Irish Pub on Washington in Lewisburg, WV: The Bakery makes fresh batches daily, and you can order them there or down the street with your meal and a brew at the pub.
  • Gino’s Pizza & Spaghetti House – in various locations throughout southern WV, baked fresh (several times!) daily.

Have you tried a pepperoni roll? Where from, and what did you think?


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