Foods to warm up with in winter

There’s nothing like biting winter chill to make you appreciate a hot meal.

White Bean Chicken Chili - Cathedral Cafe

White Bean Chicken Chili – Cathedral Cafe

In Southern West Virginia, every town has its staple cold-weather favorites, down-home, just-out-of-the-oven dishes that just make you melt on an icy day.

Here are a few of the favorite warm-up eats to try in Southern WV on a cold day:

Southwest Chicken from David’s at the Club (Bluefield)
In a tantalizing menu of flame-grilled and pan-seared plates, David’s is a perfect place to escape the winter weather. For an extra warm trip, select something doubly hot— by temperature and by flavor. The spicy flare of the Southwest chicken’s tomato sauce is paired up with black beans and rice to calm its kick.

Coffee From Cathedral Cafe (Fayetteville)
Let the warmth flow through you with a steaming cup of joe from Cathedral Cafe. From creative coffee flavors to unique java blends, there’s something smooth to heat you up. Grab a cup and take steaming sips between bites of a sizzling quesadilla, grilled panini, or hot soup of the day. Keep an eye out for the white bean! It’s the local favorite.

Biscuits from Bramwell Cafe (Bramwell)
Awaken to warmth with Bramwell Cafe’s breakfast buffet! Among the rotation of Appalachian favorites, grab a few of their soft, buttery biscuits, steaming as you separate them to melt on a heaping helping of jam, or extra butter. Top with bacon and eggs for a hot morning sandwich.

Grape Pie from Pies and Pints (Fayetteville)
We know, we know, you usually like your grapes straight from the fridge. But let Pies and Pints introduce you to the warm way: fruit baked fresh on a hand-tossed crust and melted in a pile of gooey cheese. Add some gorgonzola, fresh rosemary, and your well on your way to sizzling gourmet.

Steam Engine from The Market at Courthouse Square (Hinton)
With a name like “steam engine,” you know it’ll set your taste buds alight. This sandwich features a spicy specialty sauce, pepper jack and jalapeños with LTO. Then, take your pick of meat to top it all off. If it’s really freezing out, you might need to add a cup of one of The Market’s boiler tank soups to the side.

Which dish do you warm up with in the winter in Southern WV?

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