Spot Eagles in the Wild at WV Birding Survey

Bye, Bye Birdies! (Well, not quite yet.)

Our winged friends are ducking down south for the winter, but there’s still time to catch the nation’s most majestic sweeping through Southern WV.


The lookout tower at Pipestem Resort State Park.

The bald eagle, the nation’s symbol of freedom, will be soaring over the state for migration season. At Pipestem on Jan. 11, volunteers can team up with expert bird watchers to spot them in the wild, and help with the important task of recording their numbers.

About 20 mating pairs of the rare (but rebounding) raptor have made their home in WV. Pipestem gives people a unique opportunity to spot them as they head away for the season.

You’ll also be scanning the skies for golden eagles that might also be passing through overhead. Groups will be stationed around the park at various locales with good vantage points of the migration paths.

Park officials have said there’s a good chance you’ll get to see the iconic creatures in their element during the winter count.

In years past, observers have caught the fierce but majestic birds in mid-hunt, diving down after their prey, an amazing spectacle.

If you want to experience this unique chance to work alongside a pro to scope out eagles in their natural habitat, join the search by calling 800-225-5982 or 304-466-1800 ext 344 to make a reservation.

If you need to travel in to join the observation groups, you can find accommodations right there at Pipestem park.

Have you seen an eagle in the wild?
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