Winter Hiking Trail: Piney Creek Gorge

Just a few steps away from the Beckley YMCA Soccer Complex is an unexpected trail system that offers amazing views to hikers, bikers and runners. The Piney Creek trail system has 10 miles of trails that wind through the woods and butts up to the edge of the Piney Creek Gorge.

While this trail is a year-round favorite for locals, hiking the trails in the winter is a must. With the leaves fallen from the trees and a dusting of snow covering the ground, winter offers up amazing views that are hidden the rest of the year.

Check out more information about the Piney Creek Trail System below:

Getting There

The Piney Creek Trail System is easily accessible from the Beckley YMCA Soccer Complex. Numerous trailheads are located around the complex – the Grey Flats North and South trail offers a loop around the entire trail system.

Notable Sites

Ship Rock
Located on a one-mile loop trail is Ship Rock, a giant sandstone boulder on the edge of the Piney Creek Gorge. The rock has been a popular stop for many hikers and bikers – plus it’s a great spot for a picnic!

Beckley Mill Ruins
Located on the farthest and a rather steep trail, the Beckley Mill Ruins are nestled next to the edge of Piney Creek downstream from the Beckley Mill Falls. The mill was built in 1835 and was the most significant mill in the region for years. Eventually, the advancement of the railroads proved too much for the mill and it ceased operation and fell into disrepair. The mill ruins can be accessed by a number of trails within the system and is quite steep as it descends into the gorge.

Heading to the Piney Creek Gorge for a winter hike? Be sure to bring a trail map with you!