West Virginia Winters

by Lisa Strader

Winter in southern West Virginia is like any other season, unique in opportunities and beauty.

A Snow Blanket on a Trail in WV

I grew up in WV and I’ve learned that winter is not a time for hibernation it is time to get outdoors.  Having a husband who is an avid mountain biker , a son who loves to snowboard and a daughter who finds the tubing park at Winterplace Ski Resort ‘awesome’ made me look at our ‘snowy’ season in a whole new light.

It seems that the weather runs the gambit from spring like days to days where Jack Frost is definitely nipping at your nose.  And that can all be in one week!

What doesn’t change is the beauty of the scenery and the opportunities to explore.  Take a hike, or go on a mountain biking adventure and discover waterfalls sparkling with ice, historic ruins (you can actually see more without all the foliage), and overlooks where you can see for miles over our mountains.

Ski, snow board or go tubing at Winterplace, or visit one of our state parks where you can snow shoe.  There’s ATV trails, ziplines, horseback riding, Bridgewalk, and many other activities that don’t stop for a little snow.

Now, of course, for those like me that want the best of both worlds – there is nothing like spending a couple nights in a cabin with a hot tub and a fireplace to keep you warm on a southern WV winter night. (Remember folks Valentine’s Day is coming!)

If I’ve not convinced you that winter is beautiful in West Virginia you need to visit the southern WV Facebook page where we’ve been fortunate to have several local photographers share their amazing  “Winter Wonderland” pictures with us.

What is your favorite thing about the winter season?

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