3 Don’t-Miss West Virginia Events For May

Here we go, everyone!  Spring has taken over southern West Virginia, and that’s just fine with us.

Why?  Oh, I don’t know… because it’s AWESOME?  Honestly, is there any better place in the world for spring?  If there is, no one’s discovered it yet.  Not because they haven’t looked.  It’s just that the search always brings them right back here.

Let’s all sing it together:  Country Roaaaaads, Take Me Hooooooooome….

That was beautiful.  Why doesn’t anyone go caroling in the spring?  Anyway, here are some great events to get you out and about this month.  And if you want to find more, they’re on our entire events calendar.  Enjoy!

A Universe Of Dreams

What else is great about Southern WV?  Well, there are plenty of mountaintops that are absolutely perfect for some nighttime stargazing.

But sometimes watching from here on Earth just doesn’t do the universe justice.  That’s when we bring something like, say, the Hubble Space Telescope.  And you know what makes it even better?  Really cool music from the Ensable Galilei.  And you need someone to narrate what you’re seeing, like Neal Conan from NPR’s Talk Of The Nation.

Now that’s the way to see the stars.  And if it isn’t quite making sense to you, don’t worry.  It will when you buy your ticket to the May 1st performance at Princeton’s amazing Chuck Mathena Center.  You will NOT be disappointed.

The Sweet Treats Dessert Festival
Got a sweet tooth?  Of course you do!  But you don’t want to go to the store and get something and take it home.  You want to share your affection for sweets with the world!

Good thing you can head over to the Sweet Treats Dessert Festival in downtown Beckley.  Expect awesomeness and fun of the sugared-and-chocolate-dipped variety, along with plenty of other fare for anyone interested in tasting the yummy-er side of southern West Virginia.

Plus there are other attractions at the festival, like inflatable jump castles for the kids and live music.  Should be a great time for anyone in the area.  And for anyone not in the area.  What we’re saying is, your proximity should not be a concern when it comes to chocolate.

Did we mention that proceeds go to Relay For Life?

Now you pretty much have to go.  If you ever wanted a good reason to have too much dessert, now you’ve got one.  Hope to see you there on May 22.

Once again, these are just three of the lots and lots (and lots!) of things going on across our lovely southern part of the Mountain State this May.  Check our events calendar for more.  Happy spring, everyone.

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