Introducing the Visit Southern West Virginia Mobile App

It’s here. And your vacation is about to get even better.

We know that you use your mobile phone to plan your vacation and that it plays a big role in your vacation when it starts.

That’s why we created a new mobile application, designed to help you have an amazing vacation that you can share with friends and family back home. West Virginia itineraries, attractions, shopping, dining, events, and more are right at your fingertips.

Use your smartphone to explore southern West Virginia

How It Works 

The app is centered around vacation itineraries that highlight different parts of southern West Virginia. You’ll use the mobile application to find the itinerary that interests you. From there, you’ll get information and directions for each itinerary stop.

And if you’re near a point of interest that isn’t on your current itinerary, you’ll get a notification from the app letting you know that you’re close to another special stop. It’s up to you if you stick to your itinerary or hop off to check out another unique place in West Virginia.

You can easily share vacation updates on your social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

Traveling with a large group? The app has a feature called Friend Finder that allows you to locate the people in your party at any time.

You’ll also have quick access to information about area events, local hospitals and emergency services, and other helpful info.

Where Do I Get It?

Download the app to your iPhone or Android smartphone. If you’re an iPhone user, visit the App Store and search for Southern West Virginia. If you use an Android device, visit Google Play and search for Southern West Virginia. Or, just visit the Visit Southern West Virginia website on your mobile device, and the download button will be near the middle of the page.

Have questions? Learn more by watching a quick video about the application.

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