20 Reasons Why Tamarack Really IS The Best Of West Virginia

Anyone who’s driven through southern West Virginia has seen it.  That red roofed round-about building that kind of looks like a landing spot for when the mother ship comes to down to get us.

Or maybe it’s a crown.  Or a flower.

Tamarack at Night

Actually, when viewed from above, the Tamarack building itself is a structured representation of its own logo, a geometric design within an invisible quilt square. It’s a beautiful work in and of itself. Inside the building, though, is what really matters.

Here are 20 reasons why Tamarack is always worth a visit:

1.    Tamarack houses art from all 55 counties in West Virginia.
2.    The Greenbrier Resort runs the kitchen, which means you’re walking in to pretty much the greatest cafeteria that’s ever existed.
3.    There are artisan made foods, candy, jellies, and sauces from all around the state.
4.    There is an information desk to answer questions right as you walk in (brilliant!)
5.    There’s live music, for free, almost every week.
6.    Kids like the small playground on the south side of the building (where they can’t break anything).
7.    Music from all over the Mountain State is for sale.
8.    Also, handmade instruments of all kinds are for sale.
9.    They have a ton of books written by, for, and about West Virginians.
10.     There’s a pretty good selection of out-of-the-ordinary WVU and Marshal items.
11.     Tamarack has a large and extensive gallery of fine art, if that’s your thing, if it’s not,  after visiting the gallery it will be.
12.     The glass objects section is easy to spend money in.
13.     You’ll see some of the most amazing woodwork of your life.
14.     Toys have their own section; all of them are handcrafted.
15.     If you find the perfect WV keepsake and can’t take it with you – they’ll ship it to you.
16.     The conference space is beautiful & well equipped, large enough to host nearly any event.
17.     The theater screens movies and slideshows from around the state.
18.     It’s the perfect (only?) place for eating ice cream while looking at art.
19.     It’s round, so once you look at everything, you’re back where you started.
20.     It’s a showcase of the art, music, dance, flavor, tradition, and pride that makes West Virginia wonderful.

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