Tamarack, Bridge Day & John Henry Story by Owen

My grandson Jonathan and I went to Bridge Day(October 21, 2017) at New River Gorge Bridge. We got a chance to walk across at 876 feet high. Our fond memory was watching the base jumpers go off the bridge and looking at the great view of the New River and the Mountains. Beautiful View.

 My grandson(Jonathan), my nephrew(Josh) and I visited Tamarack to see the many handmade collections. We were very fond of the musical collection. Bought a Spam Bango. Amazing how people are creative in making items.

My grandson(Jonathan) and me visited John Henry at Talcott. It was amazing how John Henry a steel driver challenged the steam drill in a contest. After an hour he was 5 ft ahead but laid down and died. Very strong to hammer rock for an hour straight.