Story By Carolyn T. from New Windor, NY

We love when people share their story with us and the most flattering part of this submission is she feels like “Home” in West Virginia.  Thanks Carolyn – we hope you and your family continue to enjoy scenic, southern West Virginia . . .

Name: Carolyn T

From: New Windsor, NY

Our son has been working in the Beckley area of West Virginia for the last two years ago. We try to get down there as often as possible.

This October we visited during Bridge Day, what an incredible event. The New River is such a beautiful historic setting add people base jumping it’s a must see!!

This March we celebrated a family gathering in a beautiful cabin in Beaver and of course we had to take every one to the New. Our grandson Chris is 11yrs old and loved the history of the river and the breath taking views.

Some also visited the Tamarack minus the 11 yr old, again no disappointment we love the crafts.

Being from New York I can truly say I feel at home in West Virginia, although some people need me to repeat what I say, usually its “Can you say that again sugar” I love your state and sharing it with people I love. Thanks West Virginia!!!