Spring In Southern West Virginia

Comin’ In Like A Mountain Lion
It’s March!  Time for, um, madness.  And four leaf clovers.  And lambs going out somewhere.

Actually, none of that makes much difference – Spring is on the way!  After the amazing, record breaking winter we just had, the sun is a fine sight to see.

Okay, “amazing” isn’t the word that some people would use.  But it was amazing if you like to ski, or sled, or play outside in the snow.  And even if you don’t, you have to admit it was still pretty cool.  For a while, anyway.

Ok, we won’t talk about snow anymore . . .


Whitewater Rafting in WV

White Water Time!

Go down to any river in Southern West Virginia and grab up some water and splash it on your face.  Wow!  That’ll wake you right up!

Well, if that’s your idea of refreshing, you’d be surprised how many people think exactly like you do.  Any idea?

It’s enough people to start white water rafting season off in West Virginia.  The weather can get chilly, but it’s nothing compared to how cool it is to go rafting before anyone else in the world.

Plus, there’s a real reason people go whitewater rafting in March and April:  You’re guaranteed some of the best whitewater of the year.  Spring is when the rivers run high, which means bigger rapids.

And every outfitter in West Virginia has hot showers at the end of the trip.  If you’re at all adventurous, you should give spring rafting a shot.

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