Sledding Down Mountains ( Just Like Calvin & Hobbes)

Sledding Down Mountains

( Just Like Calvin & Hobbes)

Some of the greatest memories ever made included the simplest of items.  Cookie dough and your kids, a huge roll of paper and some paints, or even a few inner-tubes on some freshly fallen snow.

Tubing at Winterplace Ski Resort

Those of you in the deep south know the feeling you got when you saw your first snowflake or when your kids built their first snowman.  But the time honored tradition of sledding is just as swell.  Kids of all ages (including the adult variety) can find so much joy in gliding down mountains.

If your travels take you to Southern WV this winter, be sure and take in some sledding at our top locations – Winterplace Ski Resort and Pipestem State Park.

Winterplace offers WV’s largest tubing park with two great Super Carpet lifts to whisk you back to the top of the mountain. (Now don’t you wish we had that as kids?)

Pipestem offers a little family fun as their Driving Range goes snowy.  The park’s Pro Shop offers sled and cross country ski rentals by the hour or by the day and a great hill for sledding.

What memories does sledding conjure up for you?  Snow days off from school?  Calvin and Hobbes strapped in a toboggan?  Or your last trip to WV?

When was the last time you went sledding?

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