Ski Season Isn’t Over Yet

Ski season isn’t over yet!  If you’re planning a ski vacation, now’s the time!

Kids Love to Ski (& tube) at Winterplace

Kids Love to Ski (& tube) at Winterplace

Hitting the Mountain State slopes? Here are some  tips to know before you go:

1. Bundle & gear up If you’re warm and cozy, your trip will be a lot happier. Get gear meant for snow, not just any old winter coat.

Remember: No cotton. Lots of layers (Except socks. Only 1 layer of socks.) Waterproof layers on the outside. Don’t forget sunscreen! (Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the sun is gone!)

For warm weather attire or gear, visit The Ski Barn before your trip. It’s full-service, so their staff can help you with whatever you need. It’s open daily.

For rentals, the staff at Winterplace will size you up to the right skis and boots, and help you fit them snugly.

2. Stand sturdy Before you start moving, check your stance.

Keep your feet shoulder length apart. This will help with balance. Point your toes in (just a little!) for more stability. Relax your legs, but bend them slightly. Let your body weight distribute evenly over the skis.

When you’re going down the slope, you might want to remember to keep this even balance, focusing on staying forward slightly if you feel pushed back as you go.

You know how tightrope walkers keep their arms out? That’s because it’s a balance aid, too. Keep your arms wide for a solid form.

3. Slowing (and stopping!) If you’re not comfortable with speeding up, you can slow the pace by pointing your toes in more, stretching your skis into more of a “V” shape. Being mindful of your skis’ angle will help you control your slide speed. Slow yourself more and more until you stop.

4. Test first Don’t go straight for the slopes, even the easy ones. Test your comfort out on the flat area, then on the practice or training hills. Don’t go for anything too big before you feel like you’re in control.

If you need extra assistance, ask the guides for help. They’ll be happy to assist you. And if you need a break, or want to get more comfortable with the snow and slopes first, try some tubing!

5. Bring the family & enjoy Above all, relax.

You don’t have to be a pro. It’s about fun, not competition. (Unless competing makes it more fun. Then feel free to challenge yourself!)

Skiing is a rewarding sport, and even the little ones can enjoy it. Winterplace’s SkiWee program will take the tykes as young as 4 and shows them the ropes of the slopes. And what kid couldn’t have his or her own fun in a vast winter wonderland? And again, there’s always tubing for the ski-averse or balance-challenged!

What’s your skiing tip for newcomers to the slopes?

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