Ski-time fun, for EVERY one!

The outdoor adventure is never over here in Southern West Virginia. Join us Sunday, December 23rd when Winterplace, our top-notch ski resort, officially opens!

Winterplace Ski Resort – Kids Ski Wee Program

Strap on your skis! It’s a thrill for everyone in the family. Yes, even your overly-cautious aunties and your little ski bunnies. There’s a spot for for anyone at Winterplace.

We know what everyone’s thinking:

“I’ve never skied before in my life”

Never even set eyes on a pair of skis? That’s fine. Beginners classes are guaranteed to teach you the basics. Certified trainers will guide you through the steps, and they’re so sure you can do it, you can retake the class free if you don’t learn to stand on your own down the snowy slopes. Here are some tips to get you started.

“I’m already ready to learn, even though Mom says I’m too young!”

Kids as young as four strap into skis and head out for a whirl with Winterplace instructors. (If they can do it, so can you!) Reserve your child’s spot in the SkiWee program so they can learn to slide down alongside you, safely. Children too young to ski can be left in good hands at day care.

“I got this skiing thing down years ago.”

Right on! If you’re a pro, we’ve got some challenging trails that will keep you on the edge of your skis! You can even go for a glide in the dark, with any of the 26 slopes open late into night. If you want to switch it up, try snowboarding. Hit the slopes, or, if you’re still seeking a bigger thrill, catch some air as you fly over the jumps in one of the mountain’s terrain parks.

“This isn’t my first ski trail. Show me some excitement!”

You don’t have to be a pro to tackle a new challenge on the mountain. The majority of the slopes are intermediate level, so you can always pump up the excitement a notch without dialing it up higher than you can handle. Give yourself a refresher first, then work your way up. Maybe you’ll even knock out an expert level trail before you head home?

“I’m not even going to try skiing. I’m to clumsy/scared/random excuse.”

No worries! Skiing isn’t the only sport you can enjoy on the mountain. If you’re hoping for some slightly more relaxed fun, plop down in an inner tube and give yourself a wiggle or a shove, then coast down the mountain full-speed. Still too high-energy? Kick back, grab a meal and lounge on the decks, enjoying the scenic mountain terrain. Live entertainment will keep your eardrums hopping all vacation long.

No matter what you’re daydreaming about for your winter vacation, we’ve got you covered. Flock like snow birds to Southern WV! It’s the best place to spend the season.

When will we see you on the slopes?

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