5 Myths About Riding ATVs In West Virginia

Alright,  moms.  Ready to rev it up a little this summer?  Here’s a way you can absolutely floor your family:  Tell them you’re going on vacation to ride ATVs on some off road trails in West

Checking Out The View


If you think it’s not for you, think again.  You’re about to find out what thousands of ATV moms already know:  Off road trails riding is perfect for families.

Sounds kind of crazy, huh?  Not if you think about it.  It’s outside, it’s adventurous, it’s safe, it’s exercise (really!), and more than anything else, it’s really, really fun.

So, in order to check out some ATV trips that are available, you just have to separate myth from fact.  We can help with that.

MYTH 1: IT’S HARD.  Nope.  Riding ATVs in the mountains is the opposite of hard.  All of the maintained trails in southern West Virginia are marked by difficulty, so you can make the ride as peaceful or as thrilling as you want to.

MYTH 2:  IT’S DANGEROUS  Riding ATVs in maintained trail areas is incredibly safe.  There are several safety classes and lessons available, too.

MYTH 3: IT’S FAR  Not far at all, actually.  The whole southern West Virginia region is within a day’s drive of 50% of the country’s population.

MYTH 4:  I CAN’T DO IT  Not true.  The rise in popularity of 4 wheelers is partly because they’re so accessible.  If you can drive a car, you can ride an ATV.

MYTH 5: I’ll GET DIRTY  Okay, that one’s true.

But getting dirty is part of the fun.  You get to be a kid again.  And so does everyone else.  Just reserve, rent, and go.

That’s what’s going on in West Virginia this summer.  What are you doing?