NRR Rafting and Bridgewalk

Thanks  for ‘sharing your story”  Pete and Polly!


We took Grand Children to New River Gorge.
We went to Lookout on US 19 and then to the NRGB Catwalk under the bridge.
It is really something to see how small people on down the railroad tracks.
They look like ants running around down there.
It was very nice day for all of us.

We also took the all day white water rafting down the New River.
The first half of the day was very slow water and lots of stops to go swimming.

Then we had lunch on banks of the river and got ready for the 7 Rapids that were ahead.

There was at least 4 of them were real ride. It was lots of fun and will do it again.

Just go in summer when the water warm and slower then it is in spring.

Submitted by Pete and Polly B.,  Boones Mill, VA

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