Meet Sweets of the East Team: Margaret Cadmus

Every great team needs an exceptional captain and the Sweets of the East have the best, Margaret Cadmus, who is dedicated to building a strong team.  Margaret focuses on the goals of the team as a whole and builds on the strengths of each member. The communication improves with each practice as do the laughs and occasional biology lesson. Learn more about Margaret with this question and answer interview.

How did you get started running whitewater?  I started as a photo girl with Whitewater Photography. I spent the summer living in a tent at Songer Whitewater and swimming the river with raft guide rookies. The next summer I returned for guide training. I fell in love and never looked back. Nine years later, here I am.

What keeps you interested in raft racing? I love racing because of the team bond. You go to battle together. You become connected in an unchangeable way.

What is your favorite piece of gear? River-board!

What do you hope to gain from being on this team? I hope to inspire others to compete and chase dreams.

What races have you been a part of? My race experience started with the Animal Race on the Gauley River. It has become a yearly event for me now. That inspired me to join JoBeth in forming the Sweets. I could not have imagined it would take me this far. We have now competed in 3 national competitions, and are now training for the fourth.

Photo credit Candace Evans Photography

Fun facts: I’m a big nature dork, always trying to teach the team about trees, bugs and fish. Practice stops for an otter or beaver sighting.


National Championship

The National Rafting Championships are coming to southern West Virginia! The US Rafting Association (USRA) recently announced the New and Gauley Rivers will host this prestigious whitewater event September 4-8, 2018. This event is the qualifier for the World Rafting Championship to be held in Australia in May 2019.

Read more here: West Virginia’s Raft Race Team; Sweets of the East

Who is on the team?

This dedicated group of ladies have worked, played, and trained hard together this year to proudly represent the home team. The Sweets of the East team started in 2015 and has rotated team members over the years to accommodate R4 and R6 competitions.

2018 Sweets of the East team members from left to right; Sarah Merritt,  Margaret Cadmus, Katee Knight, Jo-Beth Stamm, Abbie Clasgens, Melanie Seiler, and not pictured alternate Christian Mullens.  Click on each name for individual bios.

Sweets of the East Sponsors

To become a team or event sponsor please contact Mike Cassidy.

National Championship Event Sponsors

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