Meet the Sweets of the East Team: Katee Knight

Getting started in whitewater

I got into rafting when I was 8 years old. My family went on a commercial trip through Glenwood Canyon in Colorado. Our guide was a super rad chick, who I thought was definitely a superhero. After almost swimming (my dad caught me by the PFD) I went swimming voluntarily, and I loved how I went from fearing something so heavily, to loving it so deeply. It was so much fun!!! I started guiding when I was 19 on the Arkansas River in Colorado.

Photo courtesy Candace Evans

Why race?

I love to race because of the community of people I get to meet, and the challenge that racing on whitewater presents. It gives a completely different perspective than any other type of river running, and is the epitome of team work!

Favorite gear

My favorite piece of gear is my fleece onsie. While too hot to wear during the summer, it is choice under a drysuit.

Team goals

My goals for myself during my time with Sweets of the East is to learn from all of the incredible women on the team. There is so much experience between everyone on the team, and I can’t wait to listen and learn about how they see and interpret whitewater, and use what I am learning to contribute even more to the team. I have been following this team for a few years, and I am so excited to go from watching from the eddy line to being a contributing member of the team!

Race experience

My whitewater racing experience is super newbie! I had attended a few practices in Colorado a few years ago, but took it to the next level last fall when I moved to West Virginia and began guiding on the New and the Gauley Rivers. I also work for Trout Unlimited in South Eastern West Virginia, where Margaret Cadmus was my boss. I had taken a few years away from guiding, and I feel so lucky that she was so supportive in helping me get back into guiding, and even racing with the Sweets of the East in the Animal Race on the Upper Gauley in 2017. The slaydies on this team are fantastic, and I can’t wait to try new lines on big rapids, and hone in on skills that I am just discovering.

Fun facts

My favorite color is yellow, my spirit animal is an otter, and I have an addiction to soda water, but in particular Grapefruit La Croix.

National Championship

The National Rafting Championships are coming to southern West Virginia! The US Rafting Association (USRA) recently announced the New and Gauley Rivers will host this prestigious whitewater event September 4-8, 2018. This event is the qualifier for the World Rafting Championship to be held in Australia in May 2019.

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Who is on the team?

This dedicated group of ladies have worked, played, and trained hard together this year to proudly represent the home team. The Sweets of the East team started in 2015 and has rotated team members over the years to accommodate R4 and R6 competitions.

2018 Sweets of the East team members from left to right; Sarah Merritt,  Margaret Cadmus, Katee Knight, Jo-Beth Stamm, Abbie Clasgens, Melanie Seiler, and not pictured alternate Christian Mullens.  Click on each name for individual bios.

Sweets of the East Sponsors

To become a team or event sponsor please contact Mike Cassidy.

National Championship Event Sponsors

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