Last-Second Southern WV Gift Ideas (And How-to-Give Guide)

Wait till the last second to get gifts together? No worries. You can still snag some of the best of Southern WV.

Babcock State Park

Babcock State Park

Here are some last-second gift ideas from Southern WV (no last-second visit required, unless you want to!):

An adventure reservation
Quick, simple and unique. Just hop online or grab the phone and book your loved ones a trip ziplining through the trees or skiing down the slopes. Or, plan ahead and grab a seat on a raft down the world-class whitewater rapids.

Obviously, this gift won’t fit in a box, so find creative ways to tell everyone about their upcoming adventure. Hand-make a coupon. Take photos of other adventurers, but add a “your face here” cutout over top. There are all sorts of exciting ways to stun your loved one with this grab gift.

A train ride
Enjoy the relaxed scenery of the New River Gorge with a New River Train excursion. The rails snake through the rolling mountains of the countryside, and you can watch its beauty pass you by nostalgically from the quaint traincars of yesteryear.

Get a seat now, then wrap up a traditional Christmas model train (either a fully-functioning set or a mini sculpted piece). Attach a flag that says “All Aboard” with information about the trip.

Waterstone Outdoors
Another great online order, Waterstone Outdoors has gear and equipment for any adventurer of any sort. Help someone discover a new hobby, grant someone the gift of a unique signature piece of gear, or provide some extra safety for someone you love with a top-quality upgrade of their own equipment.

To let someone know this is on the way, head out to any toy store to snag the store’s signature sock monkey. Make it a mini paper version of your Waterstone gear selection, so your giftee knows to get hyped for its arrival!

Cabin and/or Park getaway
What’s better than a vacation for someone who deserves a getaway? You can reserve an evening (or a few) in an authentic WV cabin in our wild and wonderful wilderness.  There are cabins all over the southern WV region even at some of our incredible state parks.  There’s so much to do across Southern WV, any cabin site will be tucked away, but still close to some excitement.

Another that won’t quite fit into a box, this gift can still be wrapped up for the surprise! Wrap up a map that traces the route to the getaway, or a decorative key, with a tag that says it’s exchangeable for cabin entry.

Tamarack gifts
Also order able online, each Tamarack gift will be a handcrafted piece of art. From woodworks to blown glass to tasty treats, everything from Tamarack is one-of-a-kind and created by one of the state’s most prominent artisans.

Take one of the raw materials of the gift you select (wood for woodwork, a small glass marble for glassware, an ingredient from a food, etc.), and let your giftee know that a master crafter somewhere will be turning that material into a piece of art, just for them.

With so many spectacular theaters and performing arts centers in Southern WV, there’s bound to be something on stage next season your giftee will adore. Maybe the season isn’t announced, but you can usually reserve a gift card, or better yet, a season pass.

It’s the perfect last-moment gift, because you can easily order and print online, or create a stand-in with Word or another word processor or design application. Just be sure to share the date if you chose a particular show.

What will your last-second Southern WV gift be, and how will you present it?

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