Fall Foliage and Gauley Season in West Virginia

In the world of whitewater rafting Gauley Season is like waking up on Christmas morning. Yes, rafting is winding-down, and thoughts are turning to water in another (colder) form, yet the whitewater junkies are enjoying themselves, and there is still time to raft!

The chance to paddle a river that descends nearly 700 feet in just 25 miles is thrilling and something not available to us every day.

On these special Gauley-weekends, the Summersville Dam will let go its waters making for some… well AWESOME whitewater. (Sorry it’s tough to curb our excitement.)

Paddlers visit Fayetteville and the surrounding areas from far and wide to take us up on the opportunity, including guests from all across the globe.

And to think it’s all because the flood gates are opened –literally.

Have you challenged the Gauley? If not, there is still time. In fact now is a great time for rafting in West Virginia. The water actually is slightly warmer in the later weekends, and the leaves are soon to be in full color.

The Gauley River offers some of the best whitewater rafting in the world. Don’t believe us? Come find out for yourself.

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