Escape to the Great Outdoors: Waterfall Tour 

Rolling hills, breathtaking overlooks and magnificent cascades await in Southern West Virginia. Whether you are in search of astonishing scenery, wooded treks or an enjoyable driving tour, you’ll find plenty of places to escape to in the great outdoors.


The area’s waterfalls are a sight to behold, and springtime rain makes the natural wonders even more awe-inspiring. From 100-foot drops to the widest waterfall on the New River, you’ll want to visit each one this spring. 


Fayette County: Cathedral Falls

Tucked away in a curve on Route 60, Cathedral Falls’ majesty shouldn’t be missed. This waterfall flows more than 100 feet down a steep side of the mountain. Pull off the scenic Midland Trail for a closer look. Then, after checking out Cathedral Falls, head a little farther down the road into Gauley Bridge to enjoy Kanawha Falls — a waterfall that spans the width of the Kanawha River!

Mercer County: Brush Creek Falls

What is now a nature preserve is also home to Brush Creek Falls — a towering 33-feet-tall cascade with a swimming hole at the bottom. Take a short hike around the nature preserve, too — it’s home to some very rare wildflowers and plant life.

Raleigh County: Glade Creek and Kates Falls

The Glade Creek area is beautiful, serene and brimming with stunning features. Hike along Glade Creek trail and keep your eye out for a number of waterfalls along the way. At higher water, you may even spot a whitewater kayaker tackling some of the drops. Just upstream from the footbridge, turn onto Kates Falls Trail — a steep, short trail that ends at a breathtaking mountain cascade.

Summers County: Sandstone Falls 

The largest waterfall on the New River, Sandstone Falls stretches 1,500 feet across the New River. Hike out to the boardwalk to see this Mountain State marvel up close. You can also view Sandstone Falls from above at an overlook on Route 20. While driving along, you’ll also pass the Brooks Falls Overlook, which looks down on the mile-long Brook Island and another beautiful waterfall. Keep an eye out as this is also a perennial nesting site for bald eagles!

Wyoming County: Marsh Fork Falls & Black Fork Falls

These two waterfalls at Twin Falls Resort State Park are the reason for the park’s name. One short hike from the main parking lot will lead you to both. Marsh Fork is the smaller of the two, and the first waterfall you’ll see on the trail. Black Fork is unique because of the hidden cave that allows you to explore behind the cascading water.

Which Southern West Virginia waterfall is your favorite?