A Southern West Virginia Night-Before-Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas in southern WV
And all through the mountains, folks snoozed peacefully

Appalachian Coaltown Christmas

Appalachian Coaltown Christmas

The wood smoke rose up from the hollers in puffs
And old dogs everywhere sat back on their duffs

There was silence in Hinton, no trains rumbling by
No lights to blur out all the stars in the sky

It was peaceful and quiet along the Greenbrier
The picturesque river valley in winter attire

And from over along the Hatfield-McCoy Trail
There were no ATVs, just sleeping whitetails

Even in Beckley, the south’s biggest town
The streets were all hushed; there was no one around

When from over the treetops, what did appear?
It was Santa’s  sleigh, come to spread Christmas cheer

Santa said, “Here I am!  Hello, West Virginia!
I’m always my happiest when travellin’ within ya!”

“I’ve come far and wide, up holler and ridge
And I just flew right under the New River Gorge Bridge!”

And people came out of their cabins to see
The great jolly man who was shouting with glee.

“I brought you all presents,” he said to great cheers.
“I want to thank all of you good Mountaineers!”

“I have art from Lewisburg, and crafts from the Gauley,
Gift Certificates that everyone in the family will love, prob’ly!”

Cabins to rent, golf to be played,
Stays in places you’ll want to have stayed!”

“The world’s greatest adventure vacations, I’m crafting,
and did I mention last summer I went whitewater rafting?”

Then he waved to all the good people down low
Who were looking up skyward from their warm winter homes

And he jingled his sled toward the full moon so bright,
“Merry Christmas to Y’all, and to y’all, a good night!”

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