Can you solve these puzzles before time’s up?

Do you have the wits to escape a “locked” puzzle?

Test your intellect in an interactive game. Southern West Virginia has 5 locked-room scenarios, complete with sets, clues and a ticking clock.

Epic Escape Game: New River Gorge

Fayetteville’s thrilling new destination is a high-stakes mystery. You’re thrust into a fast-moving plot that’s set within a “confined” area… and you have to solve the story in 60 minutes!

No one can leave until the story is finished, either. (Well, no one’s really locked in a room. But it sounds more dramatic, right?) As a neat touch, the games have West Virginia themes, too. Invite your friends or join up to 7 other sleuths!

Ready to play? See if you can solve these:

1. Runaway Train: Stop the Train Before It Stops You!epicescape

You’ve boarded a C&O train to Thurmond and are just settling in when crisis erupts: the engineer disappears. Even worse, the track abruptly ends just a few miles ahead!

You have just 1 hour to put clues together and halt the locomotive. Do you have what it takes?

The odds are in your favor. “Runaway Train” is an easy game, with most players— 68%— solving everything. If you’ve never experienced a “locked-room” game before, try this adventure first!

2. Mothman: The Legend is Real

Point Pleasant’s infamous monster has a lair in the New River Gorge!

This Epic Escape Game places you and your pals in an abandoned mine. When gusty weather collapses the entrance, things seem pretty grim. But then darkness falls…  and you have just 60 minutes until the Mothman returns.

You have everything you need to escape from the mine, but the clues aren’t that obvious in this intermediate-level game. Are you up for this one? Or will you be Mothman’s dinner, like 58% of previous explorers?

3. Brave New World: The Gorge has a Secret

A nuclear missile is headed to America, and only 1 person— your friend— has codes necessary to stop the weapon. But when you dash to his cabin, you discover some unsettling secrets.

Can you save America before time’s up for you and the country? Only 26% of players have solved “Brave New World,” so invite Sherlock Holmes along for this ride.

Escape Room: The Resort at Glade Springs

Head to this luxury resort for even more interactive games. When you’re done, rehash the day’s adventure with your pals at the sports bar or cafe.

4. The Gold Mine

Treasure map in hand, you enter a cavern in hopes of riches. Past explorers have failed to ever return. Will you find the gold and live to tell the tale?

5. Cabin Fever

Too bad you didn’t pay attention to the weather report. A winter storm has covered your ski cabin, leaving escape all but impossible. Still, maybe you can figure a way out before the whole cabin is covered…

Plus, if you can solve these classics, this wild puzzle room will keep coming up with new challenges to throw at you. Call ahead to see what limited-time games are running in this Escape Room!

Which game do you want to try?